You asked: How long does it take from South Africa to Bali?

The total flight duration from South Africa to Bali is 12 hours, 32 minutes.

How do I get from South Africa to Bali?

The cheapest way to get from South Africa to Bali is to fly which costs R 4 800 – R 15 000 and takes 21h 43m. Which way is quickest from South Africa to Bali? The quickest way to get from South Africa to Bali is to fly which costs R 5 500 – R 13 000 and takes 17h 24m.

How long is the flight from South Africa to Malta?

The total flight duration from South Africa to Malta is 9 hours, 31 minutes.

How far is Bali Indonesia from South Africa?

The distance between Bali and South Africa is 9554 km.

How far is Bali by plane?

An average nonstop flight from the United States to Bali takes 30h 45m, covering a distance of 9612 miles.

Is Bali cheap for South African tourists?

If you want a bargain, stick to sarongs. Bali is a schlep for South Africans. Twenty-four hours of schlep and a six-hour jetlag. This translates into expensive flights (I paid R12 000 return on Singapore Airlines) and broken sleep for the first few nights.

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Do you need a visa for Bali from South Africa?

Bali. South African passport holders can enjoy Bali tourist visa-free for 30 days if entering from designated airports and seaports. Once you’re there, it’s easy to Find your Bliss.

Where can I apply for a visa to Malta from South Africa?

Contact the nearest embassy or consulate of Malta

Malta visa for citizens of South Africa is required.

Where is the country Malta?

Malta, officially known as the Republic of Malta, is a southern European archipelago, or island country, located in the south central region of the Mediterranean Sea. It totals 316 square kilometers and lies south of Italy (across the Malta Channel), east of Tunisia and north of Libya.

How long is a flight to Bali from South Africa?

Flight time from Johannesburg to Denpasar, Bali is 13 hours 50 minutes. Quickest one-stop flight takes close to 14 hours. However, some airlines could take as long as 43 hours based on the stopover destination and waiting duration.

How much is a flight to Bali from South Africa?

Yes, there are multiple flights from South Africa to Bali for under R11 700.

Airline Qatar Airways
Cheapest R516
Average R844
Flexibility No cancel fee
Search Qatar Airways flights

What is the currency on Bali?

The official currency in Bali is the Indonesian rupiah.

Why is Bali so cheap?

Bali is extremely cheap because daily expenses are way lower than in other countries. Meals, hotels rooms, shopping, transport fees, and every other expense are all much cheaper. … After calculations, it costs around $80 dollars per day to live a great life in Bali.

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Is Bali cheap or expensive?

Bali is a super budget-friendly destination, so it’s pretty easy to visit the island and not have to worry about breaking the bank. Though often busy with tourists, Bali is still surprisingly affordable if you know where to look.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Bali?

Bali flights

The most expensive month for flying to Bali however is December during the holiday period. The cheapest month for booking flights to Bali is February which is in the wet season and the island is quieter for tourism.

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