What is the nearest volcanic area to South Africa?

Marion Island, South Africa’s only historically active volcano, lies at the SW end of a submarine plateau immediately south of the SW Indian Ocean Ridge, opposite Prince Edward Island.

Where in Africa are most active volcanoes located?

Background. Nyamuragira is Africa’s and one of the world’s most active volcano. It erupts roughly every two years, producing large fluid lava flows. Nyamuragira is is a massive high-potassium basaltic shield volcano located about 25 km north of Lake Kivu in the East African Rift Valley NW of Nyiragongo volcano.

Where are volcanoes in Africa?

Two neighboring volcanoes in Zaire’s (today’s Democratic Republic of the Congo) Virunga National Park, Nyamuragira and Nyiragongo, are responsible for nearly two-fifths of Africa’s historical eruptions.

What country has the most volcanoes in Africa?

Nyiragongo – Democratic Republic of Congo

The Stratovolcano or Niragongo Nyiragongo is one of the most active volcanoes and dangerous Africa. The Nyiragongo is located in the great Rift Valley, east of the Democratic Republic of Congo near the Rwandan border.

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How many active volcanoes are there in Africa?

More than 100 young volcanoes – that have had activity within about 10,000 years – dot the landscape of the East African Rift – an area that runs for more than 3000 kilometres from Djibouti and Eritrea, down through Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania.

What is Africa’s largest volcano?

Location Nord-Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Parent range Virunga Mountains
Mountain type Shield volcano

Can South Africa experience volcano?

Marion Island, South Africa’s only historically active volcano, lies at the SW end of a submarine plateau immediately south of the SW Indian Ocean Ridge, opposite Prince Edward Island. … The 1230-m-high island is dotted by about 150 cinder cones, smaller scoria cones, and coastal tuff cones.

Which country has no volcano?

Venezuela has no recognized volcanoes.

What is the most dangerous volcano in the world?

A recent PBS documentary identified Kilauea, on the island of Hawaii, as “The Most Dangerous Volcano in the World.” A curious choice, in my opinion, for any rating of a volcano’s danger must take into account both the intrinsic hazard and the number of lives at risk. Eruptions of Kilauea are certainly spectacular.

Which country has most volcanoes?

With more than 13,000 islands, Indonesia leads the world with the largest number of active volcanoes. The areas volcanoes have also produced the most fatalities.

Where can I go to see lava?

Here are eight spots around the globe where you can watch lava flow.

  • of 8. Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii. …
  • of 8. Erta Ale, Ethiopia. …
  • of 8. Mount Nyiragongo, Democratic Republic of the Congo. …
  • of 8. Mount Etna, Italy. …
  • of 8. Pacaya, Guatemala. …
  • of 8. Villarrica, Chile. …
  • of 8. Mount Yasur, Vanuatu. …
  • of 8. Sakurajima, Japan.
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Why is Nyiragongo dangerous?

Nyiragongo is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world because of its particularly fast-moving lava, which can flow more than 60 miles per hour. During the 2002 eruption, swaths of lava up to 165 feet wide tore down Nyiragongo’s slopes, burning everything in their path.

Are there volcanoes in Florida?

It has one of the most famous swamps of the world, with the evocative name of Everglades. … And Florida is home to the only known swamp volcano in the world.

Is Africa breaking apart?

The African continent is slowly separating into several large and small tectonic blocks along the diverging East African Rift System, continuing to Madagascar — the long island just off the coast of Southeast Africa — that itself will also break apart into smaller islands.

Which is the most important river in Africa?


  • River Nile is famous International River because of it being the longest in the world.
  • River Nile flows from south to north.
  • It is formed by three major tributaries: the White Nile, the Blue Nile and the Atbara.

Which continent has the most volcanoes?

Antarctica has the greatest concentration of volcanoes in the world, according to a new study — Quartz.

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