Does South Africa have game servers?

South African servers now available on ALL PLATFORMS. The laggy online gaming experience comes with some inherent handicaps that the player base has to adapt to.

What gaming servers are in South Africa?

Demo Cape Town, South Africa Game Servers

ARMA 3 Boeremag
BATTALION 1944 90148948283440135
Battlefield 4 Wibernet BF4 Server. GL & HF!
Call Of Duty 4 SA Public Server

Are there gaming servers in Africa?

Africa has a large, vibrant gaming community who have to suffer from constant connectivity issues to follow their passion. Both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service also have functioning data centers in Africa to facilitate gaming servers.

Will South Africa get fortnite servers?

South African Fortnite players have been calling for local servers since Amazon announced SA-based data centres just over two weeks ago. … According to AWS, this means that South African companies and organisations “can run their applications and serve end-users in Africa with even lower latency”.

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Does PUBG have South African servers?

PUBG South African servers are coming but before you get your hopes up, they are for the mobile game and not for the console and PC release. … The servers will be in place before the 2020 PUBG Mobile World League which means South Africa, and other African countries could be participating in the tournament.

What servers does South Africa use?

South African servers for competitive shooting games

  • CSGO – The old favourite. One of the most competitive shooting titles in South Africa, CSGO has local servers. …
  • Call of Duty – Casual Chaos. …
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – The new face. …
  • Battlefield V – Do they or don’t they. …
  • Free Fire – Mobile only.


Why are there no gaming servers in Africa?

There are none on this continent. This puts African gamers at a disadvantage as soon as they enter into a Fortnite lobby, because their reachability, which is known as “ping”, is affected by the fact that the servers are thousands of miles away, which automatically compromises the quality of their game.

Why does South Africa have bad ping?

The cables (SAT3 and WACS) linking the African continent to the European continent are faulty and are the reason for the majority of Internet users experiencing terrible connection and high ping.

Which country has the highest ping?

Hong Kong had the highest average peak connection speed at 65.4 Mbps. The U.S. finished with the eighth-fastest average connection at 9.8 Mbps, a 13 percent increase from the previous quarter.

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Which server is best for fortnite?

And in this post, we’re going to explore the regions that play Fortnite and find out which one has the best players.

  • #1: North America. …
  • #2: Europe. …
  • #3: South America. …
  • #4: South Korea. …
  • #5: Japan. …
  • #6: Oceania. …
  • #7: China. …
  • #8: Middle East.


Who is the best fortnite player in South Africa?

Adam ‘Neymer’ Bhamjee from Bravado Gaming is regarded by many in the community as the best Fortnite player in South Africa. Adam ‘Neymer’ Bhamjee from Bravado Gaming is regarded by many in the community as the best Fortnite player in South Africa.

Does fortnite run on AWS?

Fortnite, one of the world’s most popular video games, runs nearly entirely on AWS, including its worldwide game-server fleet, backend services, databases, websites, and analytics pipeline and processing systems.

Does Battlefield 5 have SA servers?

DICE has confirmed today that Battlefield 5 Middle East servers and South Africa servers have been “retired.” This was confirmed by DICE Global Community Manager PartWelsh today, where he also confirmed that Battlefield 5 South African servers have also been retired, with both player base now connecting to EU instead.

Is 0 Ping possible?

Achieving the lowest ping possible is ideal for using the internet. As such, a zero ping is the perfect scenario. This means that our computer was communicating instantly with a remote server. Unfortunately, due to the laws of physics, data packets take time to travel.

Is PUBG full of bots?

Using a service called PUBG lookup, players previously found that they were roughly getting 20 bots per game. Since the recent update, though, that’s dipped to fewer. One player posts the stats from someone’s past ten games, showing that they ran into 870 human players and 41 bots.

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Is PUBG server African?

There is a chance to play PUBG Mobile all around the world; however, not having its servers close to one’s location may result in a less smooth experience. … In 2020, PUBG will hold its World League for mobile players and African fans will join the tournament by not only watching the streams but also taking part in it!

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