What is trouser in Igbo?

What is the Igbo name of pant?

Here is the translation and the Igbo word for pants: ogologo ọkpa.

What is EDE in Igbo?

January 4, 2018 · Ede (Cocoyam) is a common name for more than one tropical root and vegetable crop belonging to the Arum family (Aroids) and may refer to: Taro (Colocasia esculenta) – old cocoyam.

What is the meaning of OMA in Igbo?

Ututu – Morning. Oma – Good. … It is a literal translation of the British morning greeting ‘Good Morning’. However, ndi Igbo do not great each other by proclaiming Good Morning.

What does NDO mean in Igbo?

Ndo is such a beautiful Igbo word. It is indicative of how NdiIgbo value empathy. ‘ Sorry’ is a poor approximation of it . Ndo says ‘ I feel with you’ in a way ‘sorry’ is unable to. #

What is Igbo best food?

Top 5 food in Igbo culture dishes

  1. Nkwobi.
  2. Igbo Bitter Leaf Soup. …
  3. Fufu and Uha Soup. …
  4. Jollof Rice with Chicken. Jollof Rice is one of the most popular nourishments not only for Igbo people but whole West Africa. …
  5. Yam served with Fish Pepper Soup. It can be called as Yam soup or Ji in the Igbo language. …
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What is the English name for Achicha?

The English name of monkey kola in Yoruba is obi edun. It is also referred to Ochicha, Achicha, Utu or Ochiricha in Igbo while Efik/Ibibio’s call it Ndiyah. It is a healthy fruit and a tasty perennial plant that can be seen in homes and villages.

How do you swear in Igbo?

Related Words

  1. (1) swear in :: na-aṅụ iyi na.
  2. (2) swear-word :: iyi-okwu.
  3. (3) swear by :: na-aṅụ iyi.
  4. (4) swear at :: na-aṅụ iyi na.
  5. (5) swear off :: iyi anya.
  6. (6) swear an oath :: iyi.
  7. Synonyms. Verb. promise :: nkwa. insist :: na-esi ọnwụ curse :: nkọcha. aver :: aver. …
  8. Different Forms. swear, swearer, swearers, swearing, swears.

How do Igbos call God?

The Igbo culture is a unique one, so are the Igbo names that refer to God. … For example, the Hausas call him Ubangiji, Yorubas call him Olodumare or Oluwa.

What does Jisike mean in Igbo?

Here is Jisie ike meaning in English: Good luck.

How do you say goodnight in Igbo?

Good Night in Igbo is ka chi fo.

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