How do you say peace in Morocco?

Greetings: As-salaam Alaykum —– (literally) Peace be with you – interchangeable for “hello” Walaykum As-salaam —- response.

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How do you say thank you in Morocco?

Shukran – Thank you.

How do you say God bless you in Moroccan?

God bless you. Baraka Allaho fik Note: This expression can be used as a thank you.

How do you say goodbye in Morocco?

A collection of useful phrases in colloqiual Moroccan Arabic, a variety of Maghrebi Arabic spoken in Morocco.

Useful Moroccan Arabic phrases.

English (Moroccan Arabic) الدارجة
Good night (lla yemsek ‘la khir) الله يمسك علي خير
Goodbye (Parting phrases) (lla yemsek ‘la khir) الله يمسك علي خير

What is the Arabic name for Morocco?

In Arabic but not in English, Al Maghreb commonly refers to Morocco: the full Arabic name of Morocco (Al Mamlakah al Maghribīyah) translates to “the Western Kingdom”. Historically, Morocco was called Al Maghreb al Aqşá (“the Far West”).

How do Moroccans speak?

The two official languages are Standard Arabic and Tamazight. Moroccan Arabic (known as Darija) is the spoken native vernacular. … According to a 2012 study by the Government of Spain, 98% of Moroccans spoke Moroccan Arabic, 63% spoke French, 43% Amazigh, 14% spoke English, and 10% spoke Spanish.

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Can you kiss in the street in Morocco?

In Morocco, locals do not kiss in public. Never. It’s against the law, especially before marriage (it is forbidden publicly or not). Kissing in public is “an act of aggression against Moroccan Muslim society and people” a behavior otherwise deemed “indecent” by the authorities of the country.

How do you say love in Moroccan?

In Moroccan Darija the word “cheri” is also used and it means “my love.” The word “cheri” was borrowed from the French language. Likewise, in Moroccan Darija the person could say “mon amour” which is a phrase borrowed from French and it also means “my love.”

How do you say beautiful in Moroccan?

Literally: Beautiful/good. Zwina is one of the most beautiful (ha) words in the Arabic language, in part because it can describe literally everything – the food is zwina, the weather’s zwina, this class is zwina.

Can unmarried couples sleep together in Morocco?

It is against the law in Morocco for unmarried Moroccan couples to sleep together in the same room. This can sometimes impact non-Moroccans with accommodation imposing a blanket ban on unmarried couples sharing rooms at their own discretion.

What language do they speak in Morocco?


How old is Moroccan?

Moroccan Arabic Introduction Phrases

English Transcribed Moroccan Arabic Moroccan Darija in the Arabic Alphabet
How old are you? She7al fe 3emrek? شحال ف عمرك؟
I am … years old. 3endi … 3am. عندي… عام
Check out our other lessons to learn how to count from 0 to 10, from 11 to 19, and from 20 to 100 in Moroccan Darija. #colspan#
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