How do you get from Egypt to Turkey?

Can you travel from Egypt to Turkey?

Yes, Egyptians can travel to Turkey provided they meet all the entry requirements. Egyptians need a passport valid for 6 months beyond the arrival date and a valid Turkish visa. … Egyptians can spend up to 30 days in Turkey with an electronic visa.

How much time does it take from Egypt to Turkey?

Average direct flight time is 2 hours 15 minutes.

The fastest direct flight from Egypt to Turkey is 2 hours 15 minutes.

Do Egyptian citizens need a visa for Turkey?

Egypt: Official passport holders are exempted from visa for their travels up to 90 days. Ordinary passport holders are required to have visa to enter Turkey. … Besides, those ordinary passport holders who are under 20 or over 45 years old may get their 30-day single-entry e-Visas via the website

How do you get from Turkey to Egypt?

The cheapest way to get from Turkey to Egypt is to fly which costs 500 ₺ – 4.200 ₺ and takes 5h 50m. What is the fastest way to get from Turkey to Egypt? The quickest way to get from Turkey to Egypt is to fly which costs 1.400 ₺ – 2.400 ₺ and takes 3h 14m.

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How much is flight ticket from Egypt to Turkey?

Cheap flights from Cairo, Egypt (CAI) to popular destinations in Turkey (TR)

Carrier Departure Date Lowest Price
Emirates Sep 15, 2021 EGP1,615
Alitalia Sep 30, 2021 EGP1,693
Egyptair Jul 28, 2021 EGP1,913
Nile Air Jul 10, 2021 EGP2,038

Is it safe to go to Egypt in 2020?

Reconsider travel to Egypt due to COVID-19. Exercise increased caution in Egypt due to terrorism and the Embassy’s limited ability to assist dual national U.S.-Egyptian citizens who are arrested or detained. Read the Department of State’s COVID-19 page before you plan any international travel.

How long does it take to travel to Turkey?

How long do flights to Turkey take? Non-stop flights between the UK and Turkey take on average between 3 hours 50 minutes and 4 hours 15 minutes, depending on where you are flying from and to.

How many hours does it take from Egypt to Dubai?

The total flight duration from Cairo, Egypt to Dubai, United Arab Emirates is 3 hours, 31 minutes.

Do I need a visa for Turkey 2020?

From 2 March 2020, British nationals travelling for tourism or business purposes will no longer need a visa to enter Turkey for visits of up to 90 days within a 180-day period. For those that require a visa it is recommended that you get an e-Visa online through the official Republic of Turkey e-Visa website.

Can I get visa for Turkey on arrival?

In order to get a visa on arrival, the traveler has to meet certain conditions. Travelers must stand in line and pay the visa fee in cash once they arrive at the port of entry. All foreigners who can get a visa on arrival are also eligible for the online Turkish visa.

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How much does a visa to Turkey cost?

Turkey Tourist E-visa fees for citizens of United States of America

Type of visa Validity Embassy fee
Single entry (90 days stay) Up to 180 days $60.00
Single entry (90 days stay) Up to 90 days $160.00
Multiple entry (90 days stay) Up to 180 days $52.00
Multiple entry (90 days stay) Up to 180 days $52.00

Which countries can enter Turkey without visa?

On the other hand, Turkey grants visa-free access to citizens of other countries and territories – Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belize, Bolivia, Ecuador, Iran, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, Lebanon, Mongolia, Morocco, Qatar, Russia, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

How do I get a visa for Egypt from Turkey?

All Egyptian applicants younger than 20 and older than 45 could obtain one-entry visa through applying from website with visa fee of 20. – US Dollars. All visa applicants to our Consulate General are to be made everyday except Friday and Saturday, between 10:00-13:00 hours.

Is Istanbul near Egypt?

According to the Green Line of the 1949 Armistice Agreements, Israel borders Lebanon in the north, the Golan Heights and Syria in the northeast, the West Bank and Jordan in the east, the Gaza Strip and Egypt in the southwest.

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