Best answer: What is pupil in Yoruba?

What is the meaning of student in Yoruba?

omo akeko. More Yoruba words for student. elegbe akeko. student.

What does Aye mean in Yoruba?

Aye in Yoruba language mean “LIFE” Like when you say “ aye mi” which is interpreted to be MY LIFE.

What is hen in Yoruba?

Yoruba Translation. gboo. More Yoruba words for hen. adiẹ noun. chicken, fowl.

What is hedgehog in Yoruba?

More Yoruba words for hedgehog. aaka noun. hedgehog.

What does Werey mean in Yoruba?

Werey. Definition: from Yoruba. mad, crazy, to act irrational.

What Yoruba means?

: a Niger-Congo language of southwestern Nigeria and parts of Benin and Togo also : a member of any of the Yoruba-speaking peoples of this region.

What is gorilla called in Yoruba?


English Yorùbá
Gorilla Ìnọkí
Rhinoceros Ẹfọn
Stallion Ìgalà

What is Okete in Yoruba?

Pouch Rat -Okete. Wild Goat -Edu. A specie of Deer -Ekulu.

What animal is called EKUN in Yoruba?

“Ekun” is the Yoruba name for leopard and not tiger, while cheetah is known as “Amotekun”.

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